Aug 21, 2014


Heart pumps all out
Like adrenaline rush, no doubt

Lips r moving
But words aren't flowing

Sounds r filling
But de voice keeps cracking

What's happening?
Can't control my feelings


Tenx for coming
Didn't see it coming


Feels like rappin
But naahh i'm jz sayin


De one with lots of smiles,

llen0 de vida 

Aug 20, 2014

When de heart speaks

To care
To be concern
To love 
To succeed 
To be happy

It's not easy

If it's easy
What's life would be like?

Does it fun?
Does it memorable?
Does it pain?

Life without varieties r like white cloth with no colours

Turns yellowish n eventually rotten through time

Be grateful for de way we r livin today n keep learnin all de new stuff as learning itself is one way of being closer to de Creator


Hamba mu,

llen0 de vida