Jun 8, 2010


hmm..llen0 xtau da nk wat pe..llen0 da try t0 be de best am0ng de best..llen0 da try wat sume 0rg epy eventh0ugh i'm n0t as epy as they r..i smile like n0thin's wr0ng..i try..i really did try..i try t0 d0 things well..i try t0 manage all de stuff dat messed up..seyesly..my brain can n0 l0nger think what n h0w can i d0 t0 make things g00d/perfect..hmm..its n0t wr0ng t0 b mad at me..but s0metimes,i feel de burden t00..i can't say that i didn't feel de burden..i did n i am..s0meh0w,try t0 understand me..i can als0 be tired..sigh~

llen0 de vida


  1. It's ok to keep away your smiles for a day or two.

    sikit2 BM: "Epy la skt..." chE.....
    lol. Cheers.

  2. hik3..tenx weng la0 shi ! really appreciate it :D