Dec 26, 2013


I'm a lil bit harsh's for de better good.

Dun u dare messing around wif my bestfriend's life ! I'm jz pissed wif u man ! 
I won't let shit happens to u better watch out ! 

As for my lovely beautiful bff, eventhough we r far away, jz know dat i'm always here for u n my shoulder is wide open for u to depends/cry on..Allah wil not gives things/hardship dat his creations could not handle..He loves all his creation..Dia Maha Adil dan Maha Penyayang..what goes around comes world is round..sometimes u r on top but sometimes u r in de no worries..try hard to move on..dun stuck in de i said before,i love u so much n i won't let shit happens to u..i mean it..seyesly..jz bare that in mind k love..n u'll be jz fine ! :*

Lots of love,

llen0 de vida

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