Apr 28, 2014


De best moment eva when i get to meet de man himself, W.A.R.I.S in person. 

He's so humble, down to erth, easy goin n very frenly. As expected, my idol ! Lol ! 

Met him after my netball trenin, though i'm wet wif sweat, i'm stil swag. 

Wearin a beautiful cap,credits to miss syamira suib. 

Enjoyin de show, me, z n k.yana end up got a selfie wif him onstage ! Lol ! Awesome enuf dat he poses in those picts.

De best part was, he print screen my post on instagram n post it on his ! Lol ! I'm a lucky girl on earth indeed ! Am happy n blessed to get to finally meet my fav rapper in malaysia ! 

Hiphop for life !

Peace out !

llen0 de vida

P/s : ignore de excited face of ours.lol

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