Oct 24, 2009

dear elnaz arazkhani n angelia july

this p0st will be t0tally in english..c0z llen0 wants t0 write ab0ut my iranian n k0rean bestfren..hek3..it was a great tyme that i knew n met them at british c0uncil..fr0m being strangers until n0w, bestfrens..hek3..llen0 just wanna share wif ya'll a st0ry ab0ut them..elnaz(iranian) just ym-ing wif me last c0uples 0f nite..n0w she's stdying in sweeden taking mechanical engineering..she said dat there're 0nly few numbers 0f female students that're taking de c0urse..she's included..she's a very kind pers0n..she's gentle n she have g0t such a beatiful face as she's als0 a mixed fr0m iranian n eur0pian..hek3..she l0ves trying s0mething new..n she actually l0ves valley ball..that's a few things ab0ut elnaz..n0w its angelia's tyme..hek3..her true k0rean's name is kim hye y0ung..but her english name is angelia july..de name was ch00sen by her because she's a big fan 0f angelia j0lie..s0 she changed a bit n bec0mes angelia july..hak3..she's a funny pers0n..she have de k0rean manners n she always talk wif me in k0rean c0z i kn0w a little bit 0f k0rean language.. hek3..she t0ugth me a l0t.. hak3..she have been t0 my village in pekan, pahang earlier in january this year.. it was a great experience having a n0n-malay fren c0ming t0 my village.. h0wever i'm quite shy c0z i have t0 talk t0tally in english..i br0ught her t0 'pasar malam' near my village,pe0ple were surprised c0z all de villagers in my village are malay..there're n0 n0n-malay..hak3..it was s0 funny c0z i have t0 translate all de sentences that the seller said..hak3..n0w,she's back in k0rea..huhu..really miss b0th 0f them elnaz n angelia..0n my bufday this year,b0th,elnaz n angelia,n my 0thers british c0uncil classmates,made a surprise party in 0ur class..even my teachers fr0m america n england j0in de party..i was really t0uched,thankful n blessed..they als0 g0t me l0ts 0f present..w0w!its de best celebrati0n i ever had 0n my bufday..tenx u guys..really appreciate it..miss u guys al0t..huhu

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