Oct 31, 2009


t0day,kua ngn my 0ther very3 besfren..kit0rg tgk cte papad0m..besh gle!we laugh like there's n0 t0m0rr0w..we cry a bit sbb ade part yg tacing cket..mcm2 lg la..yg penting cte papad0m mmg besh!spending tyme wif my bel0ved besfren watching that kinda m0vie,make llen0's day became even better....here's de ticket..

pas abeh m0vie,llen0 n besfren,met llen0's family..n kit0rg g mkn..msg2 0rder mknn msg2..huk3..dis is llen0's..ns g0reng seaf00d masak pedas..yummy!

while waiting f0r de dishes utk smpi,kit0rg p0n tgkp laa bebrpe picts..which are:

we eve a very2 l0vely day!llen0 have fun al0t ngn besfren llen0!llen0 cyg cgt besfren llen0 yg s0rg ni..mr.pika..cyg kamu gle kentang ubi kayu la..weeeeee :D these are c0uple picts 0f us t0day..what d0 u think?sweet??hek3

then,pas mkn,pusing2 la kat dlm tesc0..tetbe llen0 tejpe jam yg cgt c0mey..hak3..terjat0h ske lak..kuang3..s0 bli la..f0r llen0,its pretty..but different pe0ple different interest rite..s0 llen0 xtau u guyz rse 0k ke x..kuang3..ni la jam nye..aauumm cak! :D

s0 amcm?0k x?hek3..pape p0n mmg arini epy gler la!!weeee :D btw,mr pika,llen0 epy gle arini c0z dpt gak jpe n hang 0ut sesme..walaup0n kejap je but its meaningful n w0nderful..yipeeee!!cyg anda ye!!!!!

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