Nov 13, 2010


Being chubby / fat is n0t an easy thing..i eve t0 endure myself fr0m being hurt by all these pe0ple surr0unding me..i kn0w i’m n0t neither pretty n0r thin, but it d0esn’t mean that i can’t d0 things dat th0se kinda pe0ple can d0..i kept all the –ve thinking inside my self..either kene ejek 0r what s0 fr0nt 0f pe0ple / in public, i juz smile n laugh as if n0thin’s wr0ng..Allah je yg tau whats inside my heart..i’m juz a human being..same wif 0ther pe0ple..i have feelings t00..but y pe0ple keep ign0ring my feeling??i’m n0t askin 4 symphathy..but c0uld u at least think twice bef0re u talk n think wether de w0rds dats g0nna c0me 0ut fr0m ur m0uth c0uld hurt s0me0ne else..i try..i try hard t0 bec0me thin..n i never st0p tryin..but it takes time..mayb l0ts 0f time..i dun care..but plss..respect me as a human being n dun treat me like insects / trash..i’m hurt..i’ve been telling myself t0 b str0ng n patient t0wards this issue..but n0w,i’m fedup..fedup wif all de things dat inv0lved pe0ple wh0 r chubby..even i’m stil single until n0w,i think its better t0 stil be single rather than having a bad relati0nship..i’m waitin f0r de 0ne t0 c0me..n h0ping dat he’ll accept me de way i am..n0t fr0m de way i l00k..being al0ne really make me think ab0ut l0ts 0f things..

llen0 de vida

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