Dec 29, 2010

quiz by rp!sz

1. Do you think u're HOT??


2. Ur current wallpaper?

3. Tell about the wallpaper..

Its me wif my fav gr0up fr0m k0rea..BIGBANG ! sgt ske tae yang n g-drag0n..they r very determined in what they d0..they r als0 well mannered..huk3

4. The last time u ate pizza?


5. Last song u listen to

Beggin by madcon

6. Besides completing this taggin' thing, i am...

What will i be in future..h0w i’ll face my life..

7. Nicknames..

Alamak!perlu ke..erm in bl0g real life tasya, sya, tacha, cha, t.

8. Tag 5 people






9. The person no.1 is..

Kawan smpai mati

(A very best best best fren since primary sch00l.)

10. Say something about the person no.5 ..

She’s cute n ad0rable..she understands me..she’s str0ng..she’s g0nna b alrite in wateva things she decide

11. No. 3 in a relationship with..

Hak3..xtau..ngn spe ye d0c??

12. What about No. 2?

P0n xtau..mungkin kah baju biru..hak3

13. Love words to no. 4

Ily m0re than u th0ugh i am,my bel0ved twins :D

14. 4 facts about the people you tagged..


Ade fb (spe xde fb tu mmg hine la..hak3)

Fren 0f mine

Inv0lved in my life j0urney J

llen0 de vida

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