Dec 13, 2010


7disember2010 was bad..really need s0me0ne..miss subway has her 0wn pr0bs..s0 i dun wanna burden her with tears..s0 i called a pers0n but there’s n0 answer(went t0 v0icemail)..then i called purple..its n0t a call actually c0z i didn’t say ‘hell0’..cries r de 0nly things dat can be heard..purple jz listen n try t0 c0rmf0rt me..purple kn0w me very has been 5years since we’ve kn0wn each 0ther n being the dearest bel0ved best best bestfren..mayb we understand each 0ther well bc0z 0ur h0r0sc0pe r de same (aquarius)..i dunn0..but we r n still cl0se..purple kn0w h0w calm me d0wn n make me st0p cryin..1st n0 w0rds..2nd sh0rt w0rds..3rd sh0rt sentence 0f advices..4th sh0rt sentence 0f advices includes sh0rt j0kes..(when small laugh is heard) puple gives j0kes dat he used t0 d0..then c0ntinue telling st0ries n eventually make me laugh till i can feel my st0mach vibrating..u kn0w me very well purple..n i’m thankful f0r dat..i’m blessed c0z after all this while, i still have a bff wh0 is always be beside me n supp0rt me in any situati0ns..g00d 0r bad..this is what true frenship are..really..i’m s0 t0uched n happy t0 have a life filled with ur frenship..i can’t thanked u en0ugh..c0z this relati0nship (true-best best bestfrien relati0nship) is t00 valuable..tenx B..

p/s : dis d0esn’t mean dat u can f0rget all th0se mcflurry,mcd, 0r magi g0reng pr0misses k! ^_^

de 0ne with thankful-ness n bless-ness

llen0 de vida

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