Oct 24, 2010


Anything can happen..f0r n0w,I want t0 be appreciated..t0 be l0ved..t0 be take cared 0f..h0wever,its n0t easy t0 get that..in my case,mayb I have t0 l0se my weight,then 0nly I can get it (I think)..huk3..its hard t0 live a life full 0f teases 0f me being chubby..whats de pr0blem 0f being chubby??d0n’t I have feelings??mayb I’m t00 happy n smile alm0st all de time..but deep inside..wh0 kn0ws..i like him..but I think he alredy has s0me0ne he ad0re..i’m n0t c0nfident wif my self at all when it c0mes t0 dis kinda things..s0 I guess,I’ll juz remain silent..until I’ve c0mpleted my missi0n 0f getting thinner,I’ll juz let it be..but 0nce I’ve achieve it,I think I w0n’t hesitate t0 fight f0r what I think it c0uld be mine..l0l..s0 funny when I read things dat I’ve wr0te ni..cam nth pape je..but stil..da lme pendam mende ni..s0 I think,de burden have been l0wer d0wn by p0sting this p0st..fyuhhh..its up t0 u t0 judge me 0r what n0t,I’m juz being me..



llen0 de vida

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