Oct 15, 2010

read this!

I’m llen0!i’m frenly,i l0ve being frenly n i wanna b frenly!
There’re differences between de w0rd friendly n ann0ying..llen0 is trying t0 b g00d wif 0ther pe0ple as dats de way 0f me being frenly..n0t m0re than that..plss dun treat me like i’m ann0ying t0 u..c0z i’m juz being frenly..FRENLY..dats it..n0t m0re than that..if i’m wr0ng,then f0rgive me..but d0n’t treat me dat way..i hate it n me myself feel terribly sad t0 be treated dat way..i juz tryin t0 be me..s0 plss understand..really..if being me is wr0ng,being 0ther pe0ple als0 wr0ng,s0 what’s de right thing t0 d0??i’m tired..tired 0f pleasing 0ther pe0ple..s0 plss..i d0n’t ask u pe0ple t0 pretend t0 treat me well..i’m jz askin f0r ur understandability..plss..i’m juz being frenly..n0t m0re than that..huk3

De 0ne wif l0ts 0f tiredness

llen0 de vida

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