Oct 11, 2010

such tiring weeks

Th0se 3 weeks after rye were such tiring weeks..llen0 kene settle kan bnyk mende n ade test plus quizzes plus lab rep0rt..smpi satu tahap,llen0 felt like giving up n xlarat c0z my b0dy was s0 tired..tapi!its my resp0nsibility utk wat sume mende tu c0z I’ve ch0sen t0 j0in n take th0se path..n0w,I’m gladly ann0unced dat I’ve finished all the w0rks n I’m s0 happy t0 be able t0 d0 s0..terimakasih sgt2 f0r th0se wh0 helped me n teach me l0ts 0f new things..i’ve learned al0t these time..

Eventh0ugh llen0 teramatlah tired,tp llen0 amat puas hati c0z everythin went well walaup0n ade gak last minute pr0blems dtg..sgt gembre c0z da bejye melakukan nye n harap I’ll c0ntinuesly survive in this university’s life..tenx t0 all my seni0rs n frens..

llen0 p0n nak mintk s0ry if ade llen0 wat salah during th0se time n teg0r la llen0 if llen0 da wat s0mething bad..huhu

N0w its tyme f0r llen0 t0 recharge n pr0ceed with my studies as de final exam is juz ar0und de c0rner..s0 llen0 nak ucapkan all de best utk sume in final exam n have ‘fun’ during de stdy week ^_^

llen0 de vida

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